Thursday, November 3, 2011

Puss in Boots

There comes a time every year when animated movies run amok. According to the animated holiday season, it's Thanksgiving! And this year it started with Dreamworks SKG's prequel Puss in Boots.
Now, To be honest I didn't like Shrek the Third (2007) nor did I even see Shrek Forever After (2010), but lately Dreamworks has been on a pretty good streak for me, and there was much hype behind this one so I definitely wanted to see it. The trailers just grabbed me.
And I must admit I laughed my whole way through this movie. From the beginning to the end, I don't know if my smile frayed once. The movie had some incredible gags, some of my favorites belongs to Humpty, the wonderfully hilarious antagonist.
I know, it's hard to convince you to go see another Dreamworks movie that makes fun of fairy tales, because maybe you feel you've seen them all. I mean, what did they not touch up upon in all four Shrek movies? There's no way they had any material left. Well I think the ones they saved for this movie, that was long in the making, fit perfectly with another. They worked, but I don't know if you should expect a Puss in Boots sequel in a couple of years. I don't think there's any way possible they can pull out another creative fairy tale story. I think they have officially used them all.
The movie was of course not perfect, however. It had a really strange structure that I can't say I've seen in a film before, but that made it not very predictable, which maybe was good. It was experimental, and although it was odd, it didn't take anything away from the movie. I still was laughing all the way til the end.
The downside is that if you do not see this movie, this will be Dreamworks third box office bomb. This weekend it pulled a grand minimal $34 million, and even if that may be a Halloween weekend high, it's a weekend low for an animated film, especially Dreamworks (Puss in Boots is actually their second lowest weekend opening to date). With other popular franchises like The Muppets and Happy Feet 2 coming out as well as two other children oriented movies (Hugo and Arthur Christmas) around the Thanksgiving holidays, this movie may mean Dreamworks has met their match...domestically. Now this movie hasn't hit global theaters yet, and seeing as that is where Dreamworks is currently making most of their money, it may still have a chance to make a profit. And it may be because I wrote a 10 page company report (that made an awesome 97) over the company, but I really want to see Dreamwork succeed. Their animation is a feast for the eyes, their 3D above the curve, and their stories original and creative. I feel the only company's issue as it stands is advertising, which has successfully killed them this year in the domestic box office.
But Puss in Boots is funny, quirky, and brings tons of laughs. I strongly suggest you spend that little extra cash and go see this movie, and if you wake up early enough on the weekends catch an early bird special for the 3D showing or something, because this movie is so much fun. And truthfully, according to my movie forecast, unless you're waiting to take your tweens to Breaking Dawn Part 1 (shame on you if you are!!), The Muppets is the next foreseeable grand family movie adventure in the near future, and that's quite a ways away.

I give this movie 3.5/5 paws :)