Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers 2012

The Avengers -- 4/5

I have been waiting for this day since I saw Iron Man fours years ago to date. I have seen every Marvel movie since on their opening weekends, and have waited after the credits to get the next hint of what's to come. There were some that blew me away, like Iron Man did as well as the Asgard parts in Thor. There were others I enjoyed, but didn't love like Captain America and The Incredible Hulk. But it didn't matter because The Avengers was where it was at, and it felt like eons waiting for the final product.

Now that it's here, I have not been disappointed. The Avengers, directed by the immensely talented Joss Whedon, was a super hero film like no other. I've enjoyed seeing all these heroes work solo, fighting the evil forces that have been sent to destroy our wonderful planet; however there is really nothing quite like seeing a bunch of heroes work in harmony to defeat a massive threat. It's epic, it's grand, and it's enough to send chills down your spine.

Some nice things about The Avengers was the ability it gave to audience to understand what's going on, especially those who have not been to the theaters to see every new Marvel movie. They explain all that needs to be known during the first act, but not in a way so that it beats the knowledgeable audience over the head with information. The Avengers expects that its audience is intelligent, which I like.

Something The Avengers also did well as pacing. The editing in this movie was fluid. I feel like the smartest editors out there are the ones that are able to work on these exciting action-packed movies. The edits are so smooth and well thought out. Facial reactions cut to at the right moment, zoom ins on object when needed, etc. There was also some stunning camera work as well. This movie had a great production crew.

The dialogue was also phenomenal. It was funny, snappy, and witty. Iron Man and Bruce Banner mostly getting the best quirky dialogue bits. I also quite enjoyed that they became smarty-friends instantly -- so great! I also particularly loved watchnig Robert Downey Jr. tear up Captain America and Thor. 

Now can we talk about Loki? If you have been reading my movie blog for a while, you'd know that I was obsessed with him upon Thor coming out. He really made the film for me. He was a complex villain who was seriously wronged by the hero. And that relationship stands up in The Avengers. When Thor comes barreling out of the sky and snatches up his brother, you can tell by the way they argue that both care about each other, even though they are both furious. Thor admittedly loves his "brother" Loki, and even though Loki tries to hide it, he cares about Thor too in his own way. They fight like siblings. When he tries to harm Thor, he makes feeble attempts in which he knows Thor will survive. Like a brother, he only postpones their ultimate confrontation. There is a terrified part to Loki that I like. He's not 100% evil. There's humanity in him, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not. In the beginning you see him talking to the Other, who threatens his life. Loki's terrified. He's the master of revenge, but at what cost?

Speaking of being the master of revenge, Loki is also just so sinister as a villain. He's ruthless, he's cunning, and oh gods he's sexy too. Perfect villain material here. He's not big and bulky like most of the Marvel baddies we've seen, like Obadiah Stane (Iron Man) or Red Skull (Captain America). He's intelligent, much like Christopher Nolan's Joker, and thus when he speaks the audience is interested in what he has to say. I love Loki, and I really want to see him again in the future. And it's not just because he's attractive, it's because he's personally my favorite villain to date. I suppose it's because in some way he reminds me of a Korean revenge anti-hero. I know what he's doing it wrong, but I root for him anyway. And who wouldn't?

There were some flaws though. It seems like Thor and Captain America get a back seat to Iron Man throughout the movie. This could be partially because the Iron Man movies have been the most successful ones of the Marvel Avengers series thus far, therefore the audience can relate to him more. Though it would seem that Thor should have had a bigger part, seeing as the villain is his brother after all. Also, Captain America is treated as an idiot throughout the beginning because he has just woken up from an icy sleep, which is reasonable I suppose. I also wished they would have explained Black Widow and Hawkeye's relationship a little bit more. Was it romantic? Or was in platonic? Maybe this means they will make a movie just for them! One can hope, they seemed like really interesting characters. I also found Loki going to Germany of all places and making people bow before him a little cliche (WWII allusion much?). And if you didn't get it, Captain America reminded the audience why he was there to begin with.

But other than a few little things here and there, the movie overall was great blockbuster fun. This is what summer movies are all about. So therefore I say, bring it on 2012. Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises -- I'm ready for you.


  1. I agree that it was a fantastic movie. I actually thought the way Cap was treated had more to do with the fact that he's not a man of our time. He has woken up in a cynical world and he still holds to values and ideals from the past. It's not so much a comment on him but a comment on the times we live in. I like the fact that by the end of the movie he -has- become their leader. Even Iron Man turns to him and asks him to call the shots.

    I also read somewhere that there's about thirty minutes of Cap footage that had to be cut --- most of it having to do with him looking up the girl from the Captain America movie. How cool would that have been?

    I thought it was great that they didn't make Hawkeye and Black Widow lovers (at least not directly).

    And how can you do the review and not mention Agent Colson? Come on!

    Anyway, my one gripe --- and it's minor in the great scheme of things --- is that Loki's plans don't make much sense, or at least they are not too clear as you watch the movie. After the fact, yeah, I can look back and force the pieces into making some sense but, really, there have to have been easier/less-risky ways to accomplish his goals (you know, as opposed to getting captured and hoping Banner & everyone else would play their parts).

    I compared it, in a way, with how the Joker's schemes in DARK KNIGHT depend on a LOT of coincidences. But the difference is that 1) The Joker is insane 2) No matter the outcome, the Joker wins anyway.

    But, whatever, it's a great movie and I can't wait to see it again.

    1. Sorry my reply took forevs!

      I totally see what you mean, I just didn't think the "oh you're very retro" jokes didn't stand up for me as well as the others, which is what I meant. Thought I did understand the reasoning behind it :)

      I thought it was great too! But now I want a solo movie with them :D

      I did like him a lot. However, I felt anything I would say about him would be too spoiler-y! I don't like posting them :)

      I feel like it did. Loki is Thor's nemesis, and also brother as we both know. Everything he does essentially deals with his "revenge" on Asgard, and particularly Thor. Thor loved humans, and had a connection with him. They made him stronger and helped him take the position Loki gained right out from under him. His gripe is to beat Thor at his own game. Also, he's the god is mischief and therefore is pushed by that. They mention is slightly in the beginning I feel, but yeah if you didn't see Thor you wouldn't really get it. But I mean, The Avengers is a part of a series so I guess that's what you get for not watching them all. Good point though! Made me think :)

      I totally get how you compare him to The Joker (I think I did too). Joker's thing was chaos, Loki's is mischief. Similarities abound!!

      I wanna see the movie again so badly :D