Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Draquila - L'Italia Che Trema: 3/5

The documentary Draquila plays out similarly to any Michael Moore movie would -- it is completely one sided, and the director gets directly involved with all of her questioning and only uses what will support her viewpoint. Which isn't to say this is a bad thing at all. In her documentary, Sabina Guzzanti specifically focuses on the management of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake by Berlusconi government and his staff. To be honest, if you are the slightest unaware about the politics in Italy at the moment, or are not used to documentaries that give you information so fast it makes your head spin, you'd probably need to brush up on some facts of your own before viewing this. It's completely stuffed with information starting from the first second down to the last, and what makes it harder to follow are the rapid subtitles. However, that being said, this documentary is still interesting and playful enough to hold an audience's attention.
This documentary alone will peak your interest to look more into the scandalous Berlusconi. From his insane sex scandals to his (what appears to be) lack of heart for his own country, I can only wonder how this guy has continues his reign as prime minister. I think the most impacting scene for me in this whole film was seeing walls of a shattered church post earthquake that had beautiful Sistine-Chapel-Esq painting, tarnished,ruined and forgotten. The art town of L'Aquila currently is in shambles and it appears that no one is even trying to restore it. It's a tragedy.
Overall this film was interesting. I feel like for the first time this semester I've actually leaned something about another country that I totally didn't know, rather than relearning more and more about what's been going on in the middle east within the past 5 years.

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