Monday, May 16, 2011


Thor: 3.5/5

So it appears because of finals, I have been unable to write any reviews! Lucky for me, on Friday I was able to see Thor and start off my summer movies right. I liked Thor a great deal and I thought it was super funzies. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting much from this movie. Since the bumper on Iron Man 2, I had pretty much written this movie off as one of the more boring Marvel/Avengers movies (not so different from The Hulk). I wasn't excited, I didn't really care, I never watched a trailer. Then one day I decided it would be the most kind of funny to watch the trailer with Japanese subtitles. Not only were the translations pretty hilarious, but the trailer itself actually seemed...not as lame as I thought it would be. It actually seemed...well, interesting.
There are a few things I really enjoyed about this movie, and a few others that I was alright with, but not incredibly thrilled about. I really enjoyed how this movie went between two different worlds, the Thor-world, Asgard, being my absolute favorite. The CGI was really stunning and the characters all seemed to mesh well with each other. It was actually Earth that I wasn't all too thrilled with. Aside from Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) not being a very convincing character, Earth just overall seemed to be comic relief every time the movie would lead us back there. It seemed a little odd that all the mighty warriors from Asgard would act like complete fools on Earth. You'd think because they are such higher beings, they would understand how to act. Instead, Thor's pals pranced around like they had never even heard of Earth before. While on Earth, I found myself getting excited for the next time I would be on Asgard, so I could stare at Loki some more.
Most girls would giggle and sigh at the sight of Thor's abs (played by Chris Hemsworth), much like Natalie Portman did. However, for some strange reason or another, I totally had the hots for the glorious Loki (Tom Hiddleston). I dunno if it was his bad ass helmet, or his pretty blue eyes meshed with his darker brown hair, or maybe it was his evilness, but I liked him a lot. And honestly, his looks alone didn't make him my favorite character. He was the only dynamic character in the whole film. It's actually a little surprising, because aren't the villains supposed to be flatter characters than the protagonist? Thor himself wasn't all too thrilling of a guy, though he did have a nice smile and acted the part well. However, his "revelation" seemed a little quick and I had a hard time believing it was all Natalie Portman's doing. Loki however seemed confused as a villain and he honestly appeared to think he was doing the right thing. He was an interesting guy, and I loved him. I really feel like I need a poster of his beautiful face hanging somewhere on my wall now. Mmmmmmm.
Overall, the movie was a fun way to start the summer. No, it's not Iron Man or Spider Man 2, but the film is great fun. Mindless, superhero fun. So go see it now, in 2D not 3D.

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