Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wild Target (2010)

Wild Target - 4/5

I really enjoy British comedies when I get the chance to watch one, and this one is no different. This is a remake (but you wouldn't know), and despite that it's stays super quirky and fresh. With a huge and remarkable cast (Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, and Rupert Grint to name a few), it is as well acted as any movie I've seen lately. It's fun, and it's not supposed to be anything else. There's no incredible life lesson that is to be learned, and the plot is very simple and nothing extra-ordinary. However, this movie has energy and keeps its audience laughing throughout.
This movie fell upon my radar because two of my favorite people are in it: Rupert Grint and Emily Blunt. They played the two major supporting characters, and they did it so well. Emily Blunt's character Rose kind of reverts back to her hilarious work on The Devil Wears Prada, which was the first movie I watched with her; and Rupert Grint fabulously breaks away from the Ron persona (of Harry Potter) really well, very much like he did with Driving Lessons. Bill Nighy played the assassin Victor Maynard and he was hilarious. I absolutely adored the way he would so nonchalantly kill all his victims in the beginning and his transformation was funny to watch.
Watching the movie on bluray was really fantastic, because the colors all popped out. The film itself was also really fast paced and it moved with such ease. I really enjoyed this movie, and would strongly recommend you go out to your nearest movie store or head on over to your netflix account and get it!

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  1. I tried watching this after The Adjustment Bureau and thought everyone was really shrill and annoying. It's a shame too because I really like Emily Blunt and as you know Rupert Grint was my favorite part of the latest Harry Potter, but this was pretty much a no go for me from the beginning.