Friday, July 8, 2011

Cars 2

Cars 2: 3/5

Alright, so this post took me quite a bit longer to write because sadly, my computer was in the shop. However, I'm going to admit that June was a pretty dry month of movies. There really wasn't anything too good out, and I'm so busy rereading Harry Potter that I haven't watched any movies at home. But I have decided to do a review of every HP movie up until the glorious day that HP7 Pt.2 comes out! My reviews will pretty much just be compare/contrast of the movies to the books and my opinions on what they should have kept in and why it was good they left some things out. :)
I digress, though, because this post is about Cars 2! Which in my opinion, was a pretty alright movie! A lot of critics seemed to put this movie down, saying it wasn't average Pixar quality. Wall-E and Toy Story aside, Cars 2 was a very enjoyable movie for children and families alike, and I don't think its fair to say this movie is bad. Though the movie is a little long, it's really not too slow. This is because the film plays out like a James Bond sort of movie, which can easily be deduced if one has seen any of the trailers. What's sort of special about this Cars movie is that it focuses less on the Lightning McQueen character, but rather on the rusty hillbilly truck Mater and the two fancy spy cars (Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell). I really like how they didn't push a new story between all the new characters. I feel like the introduction of the two new super spies was smart and made the movie itself very interesting.
My favorite part in the movie had to be the Tokyo scene. With Japanese being my minor, I loved that I could read and understand a lot of what was going on that wasn't translated. It was also a little nostalgic for me to watch the Tokyo part, seeing as about a year ago I myself was there. This love of Japan may be a little biased, but it doesn't matter to me :) I was a little teary eyed looking at the Tokyo Tower.
The other parts of the world they traveled to were also equally gorgeously animated and made me really was to travel to Italy and London, which hopefully I will next summer! With the traveling element, this Pixar movie was pretty fascinating to watch.
All in all, the story was well paced, amusing, and the animation was (as always with Pixar) just simplistic beauty. I would recommend seeing it before it leaves theater at the end of July.

After a very dull June, I'm really excited for this upcoming July! :) HP, Cowboys & Aliens, Winnie the Pooh, and Captain America!

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