Saturday, July 9, 2011

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses -- 3.5/5

This movie, actually, was not on my radar for this upcoming July. Actually, from the trailer I wasn't too amused to be honest. It didn't have much that really grabbed me, however neither did the first Hangover. I suppose it's actually even safe to say it's very rare that I'll want to go out and see a comedy, seeing as I am super picky concerning which ones I really enjoy. Looking at my DVD collection, I own no more than 10 comedies. I'm just a darker-movie sort of girl (bring on the horror and Tim Burton!).
So then why did I see this movie? Well, I will usually consider any movie that's recommended to me from a fair select group of people I trust, and if on top of that it's fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, then I will give it a shot! The movie was free anyway, so why not?
As it turns out, the person who suggested this movie to me was correct: this movie is really funny and probably one of the better summer comedies (though it wasn't too hard to be, with its only competition being Bridesmaids and The Hangover Part II, and I'm not bashing Bridesmaids either). Horrible Bosses uses a full-proof raunchy guy comedy formula that works: 3 guys (the ladies man, the innocent-ish one, and the every-day normal guy) get themselves tied up in a really crazy and awkward situation and in the climax of the film, miraculously get out of it, no harm done. In this movie's case, the 3 men all have these jerky bosses that sort of push them around, and in conclusion they really want to murder them. The audience never really believes the guys are going to kill the bosses, but the situations these guys get themselves into are pretty amusing.
A plus of this movie was that even though it was a tad predictable at times, it wound up still giving a few shocks that ended up really working with the flow of the film, and the hilariousness of the situation. Two of my favorite characters were actually supporting cast, and those being Dr. Julia Harris (played by Jennifer Aniston) and Motherfucker Jones (played by Jamie Foxx). I actually did not recognize Aniston at first, and was really quite surprised that she played such a funny character, seeing as her name post Friends was pretty much the kiss of death to any comedy. And Jamie Foxx may have his ups and his downs, but it wasn't much of a surprise that he brought out a lot of laughs. This summer comedy is actually not too different from The Hangover a few summers back. Although it does have Jason Bateman as the protagonist, other than that the cast really isn't seen in an overabundance of main stream comedians like the Judd Apatow or SNL group. What it really all comes down to though, is that the writing of this comedy was pretty spot on and it worked. Because really, that's why I find a lot of comedies in the disappointing category: the situation writing is poor and in the end I do not feel satisfied.

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